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25.03.2021 CF&S contributes to renewable energy solutions
26.01.2021 Our customers' feedback is essential to us
25.01.2021 CF&S aroused interest of the transportation and logistics publication The Loadstar
14.01.2021 CF&S Estonia is planning to develop its transport network
5.01.2021 Bulker as an alternative to containers


17.11.2020 Quality of all activities
28.10.2020 We are continuously looking for new prospects
2.9.2020 New employees in CF&S Estonia AS
28.7.2020 CF&S will participate in Virtual 1-2-1 Meeting Week
21.4.2020 The Government of Estonia has supported shipping companies
17.3.2020 CF&S Estonia AS announcement regarding the spread of coronavirus
16.3.2020 In relation to the COVID-19 outbreak
3.2.2020 CF&S is excited to announce about broadening its partnership network


6.11.2019 CF&S has successfully contributed into Tashkent Metro Line extension in Uzbekistan
24.10.2019 CF&S Lithuania UAB has gained "TOP company 2019" title two years in a row
15.10.2019 CF&S Group has expanded
14.10.2019 Delivery of factory disassembled equipment from Germany to Uzbekistan has succeeded
5.9.2019 CF&S Estonia participates in Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics exhibition 2019


26.07.2018 ISO certificate has been updated
04.06.2018 CF&S opened a new branch in Poland
23.04.2018 Transport and logistics exhibiton BreakBulk


28.08.2017 CF&S Estonia AS AEO sertificate
10.07.2017 New warehouse managers in CF&S Estonia
29.03.2017 CF&S Estonia customer portal
06.02.2017 CF&S Estonia New CEO


29.09.2016 Vilnius office to Klaipeda
22.02.2016 CF&S Lithuania´s new CEO


23.04.2015 CF&S Estonia has been issued a new permit - authorized shipper certificate


23.12.2014 Lithuania adopts euro
16.07.2014 CF&S Estonia AS was given the status of authorized consignee
13.05.2014 CF&S Lithuania UAB is running fully operational branch office in Klaipeda
14.04.2014 CF&S Estonia AS has been issued the customs bonded warehouse and terminal license
01.03.2014 CF&S Estonia opened its new warehouse


30.12.2013 Latvia adopts euro
28.05.2013 The merger of logistics companies Transekspedicija LV and CF&S Latvia has been finalized


07.11.2012 CF&S Estonia became LTA member
03.10.2012 CF&S Estonia acquired Latvian logistics company
27.06.2012 Baltic Line switches loading port in Estonia
25.05.2012 Logistics company CF&S Estonia plans expanding internationally
21.05.2012 Sales revenue of logistics company CF&S Estonia grew to reach approximately 37 million EUR last year
17.05.2012 Transit growth ensured record result for CF&S Estonia


21.12.2011 Estonian Logistics Cluster carried out Logistics Project of the Year


14.12.2010 CF&S and Navirail joined Estonian Logistics Cluster
06.05.2010 CF&S Estonia acquires forwarding company IK Speditor OÜ