We are continuously looking for new prospects



Ilja Poljakov, Head of Railway Department of CF&S Estonia AS, told about the situation in railway transport area.


2020 year has brought significant changes to everyday life. But despite the current situation, we still try to complete projects on time, adapting to new realities. Today we use several hubs at once, which allows us to offer the best route and type of cargo transportation.


It is worth noting that recently, the customers increasingly prefer rail transportation as a more reliable and safe mode of transportation in terms of personal contacts - an important factor against the background of the current situation, as well as the overall environmental friendliness of the process.


Transport logistics is one of the world's largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. We are working on options to reduce CO2 emissions, one of which is to offer a contrailer transportation - a combination of road and rail transport. This is one of the topical areas in the field of transportation, which our specialists are constantly working on.


Despite the fact that most of the events were canceled or postponed to the next year, we pay great attention to maintaining and developing cooperation in the logistics sector, as well as finding new partners, choosing safe ways of communication. For example, in August we took part in Virtual 1-2-1 Meeting Week, organized by the Project Cargo Network. As a part of the project, we held 7 online meetings, that undoubtedly had a positive impact on our work and strengthened international partnerships.


There were also positive aspects. Throughout the past year, we were striving to work directly with CNH Industrial. It was a real challenge for us; we had to learn a lot to meet the high requirements of the company. This year our efforts succeeded and CF&S organized 4 cargo transportations from Europe to Central Asia, which amounted to approximately 80 units of equipment.


In general, we expected a more negative development of the situation, however, thanks to well-coordinated work, active participation in tenders, we hope for a positive result and new prospects for business development.


Ilja Poljakov

Head of Railway Department